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[shoes new shoes] Nike - tasting a tribute to the classic, as Ganso level Nike ACG products has been a big favourite with the Sneaker, since 2009, after Teng Yuan Hao's strong, gradually become a tool of Outdoor modeling the influx of people. This fall, Nike Sportswear Nike Air Magma once again launched the shoes, compared with the first version, shoelace buckle used D ring, more functional, believe this tribute to the classic shoes will capture a lot of love retro shoes and Outdoor style people's attention and love. (global shoe Network - the most authoritative editor in the net) 12 19, Vans Taiwan: Classic of Vans will bring the classic tour. Today we are going to introduce is the mouth brother band. mouth brother band from Kaohsiung, compared to many of the new band, they completely regarded as predecessors, because they have been established for eight years, but eight years is very difficult, because no one can really let them lose their passion for the stage, so they have to be immersed in Retro jordans for sale their own music. This summer, they bring a new album "light", which is to say: Diva Waa Wei also backing vocals. They used to practice their own dreams, full of passion, and do not give up, this is the spirit of Vans Off and the Wall brand spirit consistent? Their music is like a company, can when you are confused and helpless you give you strength, inspiration, let you go. Allen VOCAL Q: take what kind of love wears the usual style? A: for where there will be a different style, although sometimes want to wear British style street posing, but really not too good to wear leather shoes. The love is like jeans and a T-shirt with a classic Vans such casual, even if performance is, because it conforms to their own personality, but also the most comfortable. Some people think that playing the band love black, black trousers, in fact I have more love, white light clothes, but in a long time will become white T, and lotus leaf collar is particularly obvious, so the closet is slowly being occupied by the dark. cheap foamposites ..... Q: from the army to the films made in 8 years, what is the power that you hold on? A: a sense of belonging. The life of people are looking for their own place, from family school society - marriage family, until the old. Trust between people and people are very strong, when it is a companion to tell you things that will resolutely do! When there is a place for us, even after the defeat you will believe. Q: "what do you think is the trend of the classic"? A: from head to foot in the all-match million years unbeaten is classic, even hit hit hit shoes, hats, underwear, no luxury limited Teshi, show their own unique style and confidence, is the trend of the classic. Dudu GUITAR Q: take what kind of love wears the usual style? A: I love the kind of lazy style appeared in the streets of New York: a long version of the coat, and in recent years the popular loose T-shirt, tight pants, looks like Harry Potter's magic! Wearing long coats in the street playing board is the one thing I feel cool, thi Cheap foamposites for sale s is what I do now is the creation of more than! Q: look at this for 8 years, you have what feeling in it?Chinese shoes Network September 17 hearing, had earlier learned a lot TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloIst & times;. Adidas Originals series of data, and this brings a little more comprehensive for you to friends who are interested. The design of the shoes have been handed over to the palace to be responsible and have a good cooperation and adidas Originals designers Kuraishi a tree, is responsible for ObyO Kuraishi after a tree Another very important project. The shoes feature a simple, low-key gray design, four pairs of shoes are different from the general settings, and the shoes are also determined in the domestic sale price 1680 yuan, but the release date should be later than the other area, will be on sale in October.This element socks bring us a lot of surprise, in the design of sports shoes in recent years in the Adidas NMD XR1, one of the shoes socks element into its most fervent, create a new NMD Cheap jordans online XR1 Winter. The standard Primeknit and full palm BOOST provide comfortable experience for shoes. It is reported that the shoes will be sold recently, the price is $170, like friends can continue to pay attention to our reports.Nike Zoom Soldier 6 - 2013-12-08 / dark blue grey wolf is now on sale at 22:37:08 Nike to launch a new color Nike Zoom Soldier 6 today, the 6 soldiers from the sale since the sales have been stable, because of its good appearance and Lebron on several occasions in the real person, the soldiers reproduce in 3 soldiers before hot response. The release of the color black shoe as the main body, equipped with deep blue shoes and soles, deep and stable. Now, this new color matching has been released in the major Nike stores, interested friends should not miss it.Another heavyweight member of Air 1 family Jordan, Air Jordan OG High black and blue 1 "Royal" will officially return in April, now available in April 1st. Before can wear last year engraved in black and red, black and blue col Cheap foamposites for sale or of the resale price is higher than the black market! This is also a common classic color options celebrity large coffee street, very popular! This year's engraved styles also upgrade in leather material, toecap and Swoosh are replaced by more exquisite fashion of litchi peel. Look at the 2016 black forbidden to wear in the market price, and the release of the popular event, to return next month black and blue, you should be ready for! Air Jordan 1 OG Retro High "Royal" number: 555088-007 release date: April 1st sale price: $$160 is the famous New York shop KITH Takashi Murakami for a specified number of vendors, and KITH style of photography is always the tide shop imitated, it will be Vans Vault x Takashi? Murakami Haruki long joint series of many shoes in detail of the shooting, released details of course, the table also covers three lovely pair of shoes. This is Pom or nine pairs of dog or flower, or skull face Slip-On shoes under the lens details at a glance, don't have the shoes can also Cheap air jordans for sale be a real feast for the eyes. Vans Vault x Takashi Murakami Haruki long joint details: series. smile flower series: color number: VN-0ZSIGQC; blue item: VN-0ZSIGQ9: VN-0ZSIGQE; ; white. skull series: number: VN-0ZSIGUE blue; yellow item: VN-0ZSIGUI: VN-0ZSIGUF; ; white. series: number: VN-02JPH3L blue; yellow item: VN-02JPH3K: VN-02JPH3M; ; white.WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogSB also released a Dunk Mid Aurora Borealis Northern Lights this week. On the theme of the beautiful northern lights, the black shoes on the gradient of the big hook represents the night of the glorious, shoe pad also has the northern lights of the design, step on the light, feeling good. 1.jpg (209.94, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 2.jpg (111.92, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 3.jpg (110.07, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale 4.jpg (129.81, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 5.jpg (134.99, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 6.jpg (78.86, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 7.jpg (89.15, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; 8.jpg (98.03, KB) download times: 0 half an hour ago; as early as last week, Nike LeBron 12 elite version has been officially on sale, but also by the Sneaker berserk ... , the only playoff player in the series to sign shoes, Nike also decided to launch iD customized service for the segment. recently, the Internet has exposed eight pairs of iD customized shoes, are the story of shoes paper ~ has now been customized in, the heart of the pro action ~ " Boogie Cousins" "John Elliott Co." Cavs Home "China" " Dunkman" NBA Finals T-1000 "X-Box" Olympic sports codes: 5.63 0.11 & nbsp; 1.99% 2010-09-06 16:05:42 Zuoshou: 5.52 & nbsp; & nbsp; now open: 5.59 & nbsp; & nbsp; Transactions: 26890 highest: 5.65 & nbsp; & nbsp; lowest: 5.50 & nbsp; & nbsp; median: 5.61 Circulation: 2,098,000,000 & nbsp; & nbsp; Market Cap: 11811000000 & nbsp; & nbsp; change Hand: 0.00% September 6 Olympic sports stock market trend2000, after a lapse of two years, the dunk contest in the long-awaited return to the all star game. If AJ11 is the critical point of modern basketball shoes and retro shoes, then divide the 2000 dunk contest is the modern basketball. With the rapid development of basketball movement, the overall physical quality of the athletes compared with 1980s 7 players has been significantly improved, from this session, there have been a lot of players will be the early two or three fancy dunk action combined into a undoubtedly Vince & middot; Carter is such a player. in fact, participate in this session of the dunk contest of a total of six people, in addition to Carter and Tracy McGrady, Francis, Jerry Stackhouse, Ricky & middot; Davis and Larry & middot; Hughes. But after the end of the game, other players instantly forgotten, especially behind the three. On this circle the dunk contest wonderful has not much to say, that one shocking movement has emerged in the mind, accompanied by the growth of a generation of our fans. May be some 90 years after the birth of fans will think that year Carter but also so, now what twist in the air 720 and from the free throw line hip. The free throw line big windmill, etc., than the cow B a lot. Yes, yes, this is basketball development is always towards faster and higher development. This year wonderful dunk contest and even beyond the all star race, but also the achievements of Vince Carter and AND1 TAICHI ·. AND1 quickly in the world of fame. I was amazed by the previous successful performance, or because of other reasons, 2001 slam dunk contest many buckle will hide. As a result, this session of the six team members all 99 and 2000 were selected into NBA rookie. But there is no lack of swift, Mason, Corey Maggette this spring, as well as the style very similar Francis "cannon" type of balun & middot; Davis. Rookie well, are still relatively low-key sentimental, so wear shoes. Wearing a color AJ16 Corey Maggette in game approach - Flip - run-up empty next dunk performance, although let a person feel Wulitou, but the audience effect is good. Was placed great expectations by Jonathan & middot; bend and Swift's performance more disappointing, although swift copy a year ago Carter's air the swivel 360 contact big windmill dunk action, but because the height is too high, endurance is not enough, the magnitude of the windmill is not in place, the overall look very self-conscious, natural and Carter of the dunk than apart very far. It was Sean · several strength full windmill dunk Stevenson let a person look fun. Davies also demonstrated 2 years ago and a Francis dunk as like as two peas. But in the finals, and David · Wesley with a wow. Wesley dressed in a white - green TAICHI AND1 sitting in the box, one hand holding the ball, 〉