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The snake version of the Nike Cortez classic shoes recent exposure of two new products, new color to the classic black and white black red color, retro Swoosh greatly to snakeskin texture of leather ornament, while the "sexy" heel and tongue printed with 2013 words that the meaning of the shoes. White foam under the bottom is also dotted with a touch of red, think of fresh and sexy. New products are now on sale in eBay on id4shoes, and friends like you can pay attention to them. 2013-1-13 07:24 upload and download attachments (268.39 KB) 2013-1-13 07:24 upload download attachment (262.63, KB) 2013-1-13 07:24 upload download attachment (299.58, KB) 2013-1-13 07:24 upload download attachment (294.45, KB) 2013-1-13 07:24 upload download attachment (267.03, KB) 2013-1-13 07:25 upload download attachment (247.94, KB) This month NIKEiD the end of the month will bring us a new product, but also a period of time before a heated discussion, Jordan Spiz'ike. Since its debut in 2007, it has been offering new colors every year, and it's very popular every year. Jordan Spiz'ike has also sold several colors this year, but that's not enough. In April 24th, Jordan Spiz'ike will be officially landed NIKEiD, then whether boys or girls will be able to customize their love color, so not satisf cheap foamposites ied with commercially available color friends can imagine with their favorite color. Both men and women Jordan, Spiz'ike, iD pricing is USD$210.Jordan Brand has yet to do anything, but as the chief spokesperson for AJ's shoes on behalf of the alliance, Russell Westbrook first gives a little bit of information. Also did not disclose any Air Jordan 32 news, but Westbrook told fans through Snapchat, he is preparing with Jordan Brand shoe section of the release. Given the release time of Air Jordan 31 in September 2016, it appears that Air Jordan 32 is not far from the official appearance. app address:, a=goClick&, id=12640 welcome attention to micro signals: poisonappSpeaking of Air Jordan 11, for those senior shoe fan friends can be said to be known wurenbuxiao! The first pair of shoes from birth to now, is still very popular, of course, it also benefited from the Nike marketing and shoes fans feelings, complex nonstop has always been very popular. it is the senior amateur AJ, or AJ novice, can not refuse to believe Air Jordan 11 charm. The time was removed after so many years, the Air Jordan 11 color has been very much. There is a popular, popular. Today we will talk about the most hot couple of double Air Jordan 11 color. [AJ Low ] 11 big devil is the debut blockbuster Cheap jordans online , Air Jordan 11 exquisite details and fashion charm have been well known, but the story behind it is also a must for having heard it many times. In addition to high help shape, Air Jordan 11 low in appearance looks, is also very fresh, after reducing some constraints, more conducive to the daily leisure and collocation. Air Jordan 11 the main color is black, so give people the feeling is cool. Very texture of the leather, but also highlights the different temperament and handsome. This is Air Jordan 11 the most popular color. has the classic styling and help shape wear is also more flexible. Black leather uppers, the low-key and restrained and flamboyant personality. [AJ11] North Carolina blue has a blue blue card called the north, from the first appeared in April 14, 2001, then to 2017 again engraved, Air Jordan 11 North Carolina blue really this summer, many fans brought a refreshing feeling. under the white leather shoes collocation light blue patent leather material, white crystal with the bottom outsole, not only create a superior texture more full of vitality of the atmosphere. The fresh and pleasant feeling exciting, hot summer and how little a cool. [AJ11 GS] dunk in 2016 as the most heavy Air Jordan 11 Space Jam color color, jam is really eye-catching. The color of Space Jam Retro jordans for sale color scheme based on the classic, although the details are improved, but it seems more. from 23 to 45, and from 45 to 23 return, this pair of shoes that relayed the story with their own experience. This double color first appeared in the 1995 playoff game against the Orlando magic. handsome black shoes with white, in the end, bring out the flavor is very effective. The upper on the blue Jumpman Logo injection, A〉 is one of the manyKappa brand introduction:Kappa is a leading global sportswear brands. Began in the brand's inception back-to-back Kappa provides the main commercial sponsorship of Kappa to various sports teams are for the sporting goods market and the design of the. Many famous team was a loyal supporter of Kappa, one of the best when the number of Juventus and Barcelona, South Africa and Jamaica national team.Kappa is involved in the sport are soccer, skiing, hockey, cricket, volleyball and other 16 projects. In the sponsorship of strong support, Kappa in 1981 signed a sponsorship of Italy Juventus football club, then successfully sponsored the United States of America in the 1984 Losangeles Olympic Games in the national track and field team. In the event, the Kappa brand offers innovative use of fabric, unforgettable design and on behalf of the brand and brand image product Cheap foamposites for sale s play a key role, makes the Kappa brand to quickly upgrade.In addition, Kappa in sponsorship at the same time, also actively enter the entertainment industry. Kappa and the entertainment industry has a very wide range of contact, from music to television, from the cinema to the conventional celebration, for different entertainment industry made a number of targeted promotional activities. Kappa efforts through the carrier film, broadcast, magazine, Internet communication, try to lead and create fashion trend.Comply with the laws of the market Kappa brand with the right brand positioning, the Kappa in the world within the scope of business is enjoying rapid growth. The memorable slogan " He who loves me follows me ", make the brand image of Kappa can be improved. And enter the Chinese market since 2002 since its Kappa brand, " brand positioning movement, fashion, sexy, taste " and other market activities, and also make Kappa brand more and more fashionable gens favour.Kappa brand archives:Country: ItalyFounded : 1916Product categories: shirt, sportswear, sports shoes in the NBA today, Stephen & middot; curry popular nature is no doubt and UA will naturally have already gone into anthology session of the NBA All-Star lineup of curry bring curry 2 "All Star" color, overwhelmed, the color of the offici Cheap foamposites for sale ally released a new physical map, tone of the whole layout is quite simple, white shoes with his iceblue outsole, inscribed with red lining, sideways to have golden logo and details of the modification, manifest his glory; the item 1259007-102 is expected in February 13, officially on sale. source: sneakerfilesfootball but for Mr. contracted NIKE ADIDAS propaganda Two sports brands due to unfair competition lawsuits "2002 China Mr. Football" Zheng Zhi after signing an endorsement deal with Nike's image, but in the period of the agreement has become the Adidas brand spokesperson. To this end, Nike (Suzhou) Sports Goods Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nike) grounds of unfair competition, the Adidas (China) Co., Ltd., Adidas (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Zheng together on the court. Nike prosecution said, July 1, 2003, Zheng Zhi and Nike signed a "football player contract" and "Nike standard contract clause" constitutes an integral part of the contract. According to the contract, Zheng can only wear when participating in all sports and sports-related activities or use Nike products and can not sponsor or endorse any other manufacturers of similar products sold; do not wear or use other companies produce similar products; can not signed with any other similar product vendors and the implementation Cheap air jordans for sale of recognition, promotion, consultants or similar nature of the contract. However, after the 2005 Super League season, Zheng began to wear Adidas brand sports shoes play contest. Since then, Zheng has frequently appeared in various large-scale commercial promotion activities organized by Adidas, widely reported by the media. He also participated in the filming of a Adidas commercials, the commercials are expected to be aired during the 2006 World Cup finals in the media world. Nike believes that Adidas as market operators and Nike is the direct competitor, in the case of the plaintiff knowingly and Zheng prior engagement, actually violate generally accepted business ethics, inducement, manipulation in violation of the defendant Zheng Its binding contract, blatant use of Zheng's image in a big way in the commercial promotion activities, damage the image of Nike, the company owned by Zheng legitimate rights and interests, has constituted unfair competition against Nike. While Zheng Zhi violation of good faith, in spite of the solemn commitment made by the plaintiff himself, his behavior constituted a breach of contract. It is reported that Beijing Chaoyang District People's Court has accepted the case, and the day selection trial.Date: 2016-2-13 fan: commissioning editor Zach Lavin -Air Foamposi Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale te One Beijing time February 13th, 2016 NBA all star weekend officially opened the curtain in Toronto. The first competition day, the new rookie challenge took the lead, the United States United and the world united front. The United States won 157-154 to win the international team. 18 years ago by NBA star Mike Jordan and Warner Bros. animation star Bugs Bunny, Sylvester etc. co star in the film "/Space Jam" Space Jam won $230 million at the worldwide box office. According to foreign media reports, the day before the shooting of the Warner decided sequel, and the film of the NBA basketball star will be the "little emperor" - James in Lebron. Fan: commissioning editor date: 2013-11-13 LEBRON 11 Akron vs. Miami 〉 the unique use of color gives the distinct individual characteristic for LEBRON 11 Akron vs. Miami color, James's personality is most incisive akira. Among them, blue represents the working class of Akron, the blue collar class, and the pink color symbolizes the place where Lebron James lives. 〉 has been, Miami is the popular shoes inspiration, it gives a new definition of aesthetics. 1024 x 768 [download] 1024 x 1024 (iPad) [download] 1920 x 1080, 1366 x 768 [download] 640 x 960 (iPhone) [download] 960 x 800 (Android) [download] 480 x 800 (Windows) [download] 640 x 1136 (iPhone 5) [download] 2048 x 2048 (iPad 3 + 4) [download] 1600 x 1280 (Android) [download] 2560 x 1600 (Desktop) [download] AOKANG group as the biggest private shoe-making enterprises China masters, Wang Zhentao has been the spotlight of domestic and foreign media chase in 2006. In Europe the pulpit, the merchant of Wenzhou for China shoe dignity to become the enterprise Chinese protest the EU's shoe anti-dumping "the first person". in fact, even in China, where Wenzhou is the easiest place to breed wealth, Wang Zhentao's story has long been worn with a "legend" aura. Recently, an interview in Beijing, the "China shoe king" says he is planning a AOKANG listed on the road, "the people of Wenzhou never xiaofujian." the lonely warrior under the big stick of anti-dumping; in 2006, Wang Zhentao became famous for the European Union's anti-dumping case on China's footwear industry". in October 7, 2006, the European Union officially launched a two-year anti-dumping duty on leather products originating in china. The European Union nearly 16.5% of the high anti-dumping duties hit China's shoe enterprises, Wenzhou shoes exports to the EU this reduced by 1/3, small and medium-sized enterprises suffered severe blow. in the face of anti-dumping stick, most domestic enterprises chose silence, concessions, avoidance, or other means of rescue, but Wang Zhentao has made a counterattack in half a month later". in October 23, 2006, AOKANG group formally decided to file a lawsuit against the European Court of first instance, sued the European Union Council issued 16.5% of anti-dumping regulations, does not comply with the relevant laws of the eu. Since there are less than 10 lawsuits, the multinational marathon lawsuit was called "thin counterattack" by the media". however, pessimism Pumianerlai cannot dampen the morale of Wang Zhentao. The business model is Samsung 42 year old Wang Zhentao was born in Zhejiang County of Yongjia province; the eldest of the four brothers and sisters; at the age of 16, Wang Zhentao chose to drop out of school in order to support his younger brothers and sisters to complete their studies. After dropping out of school, Wang Zhentao had studied carpentry, selling appliances, valves and shoes. "But I've never complained to anyone."." like many Wenzhou enterprises, Wang Zhentao's AOKANG group is based on the prototype of the family business. Public data show that so far, in China's existing more than 300 million private enterprises, family enterprises accounted for more than 80%, and in the world's top 500, family enterprises are not uncommon. &n)Nike recently announced a new version of the Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low defined in Nike CEO HTM, Mark Parker, Nike Hatfield, Teng Yuan Hao innovation project leader Tinker HTM gold group of three people came back to Kobe, a new generation of Nike Kobe 9 Elite signature shoe for the protagonist to create a very unique four Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low HTM. Four pairs of shoes uppers are using a specially designed Flyknit to create a vamp, reflective shoelaces, snake scale collocation ink texture, HTM logo decorative embellishment on the heel. Nike Kobe 9 Elite Low HTM is now preferred for sale in Milan earlier this month to follow, the high-definition picture preview we bring. 1397370932599.jpg (121.66 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-13 16:01 upload 1397370932866.jpg (86.21 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-13 16:03 upload 1397370933082.jpg (140.3 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-13 16:03 upload 1397370932034.jpg (83.09 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-13 16:01 upload 1397370932229.jpg (66.83 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-13 16:01 upload 1397370932278.jpg (81.19 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-4-13 16:01 upload 1397370931149.jpg (119.11 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-13 16:00 upload 130