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Zhejiang province Industrial and Commercial Bureau a fire burned more than 300 pairs of imported brands of men's, Shanghai city Industrial and Commercial Bureau in a large number of international top brands of clothing found in formaldehyde exceed the standard and the quality problem, recently, Guangzhou city industry and commerce departments and found many foreign brand clothing carcinogenic aromatic amine. As if overnight, international brands in China's rapid decline in credibility. who spoiled these international brands? industry and Commerce Bureau of Zhejiang province at the end of last year, the import of footwear in this province sampling inspection results show that: 46 batches of imported leather shoes, tourist shoes, the batch pass rate was only 23.91%. These shoes include Louis Weedon, Valentino, D & G and more than 10 of the world's top brands, including more than 300 pairs of shoes quality problems were destroyed. 25 kinds of substandard clothing in Shanghai city in January this year, Industrial and Commercial Bureau sampling found, labeled as imported clothing has 24 kinds, including Burberry BURBERRY, Armani ARMANI, Chanel CHANEL, Dior DIOR, Dupont, Zegna and other international top brands impressively. Guangzhou city Industrial and Commercial Bureau found recently in Edgar and Mark Ed Faye 15 batches of women's brand of decomposable aromatic amine seriously exceed the standard. imported products from entering the country to the shelves of shopping malls, to go through custo Retro jordans for sale ms, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, quality inspection and shopping malls 4 checkpoints. Reporters found in the interview, for many daily commodities, these layers of barriers, many times non-existent. senior foreign trade practitioners believe that the 4 inspection supervision procedures, customs inspection focuses on whether the goods suspected of smuggling or violation of intellectual property rights, for the quality of the product itself, the first substantive level is actually the entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments. And the "People's Republic of China import and Export Commodity Inspection Law") precisely did not include shoes, clothing and other products included in the statutory inspection directory, therefore, for these products, China's door is completely open. although leather shoes and clothing are not included in the statutory inspection scope, but according to the provisions of the quality supervision departments to conduct sampling inspection of imported goods. In many shopping malls in the management of their own requirements, product quality also requires administrator in the new companies before check. But a British famous shoe brand dealer told reporters, quality inspection department inspection every year to two times, but also to the mall exhaustive; visual based self-test. Overall, China's market regulation is rather loose". in addition, experts pointed out that compared with Europe and the United States the design is strict and constantly updated quali Cheap foamposites for sale ty standards, product quality standards in China not only lag, and in many fields are blank, this is the regulatory loopholes. Professor Huang Xianhai, Zhejiang University School of business said that some multinational companies in taking multinational market strategy, tend to develop production and sales strategy according to the product sales market supervision characteristics and consumption characteristics, if the host country market supervision is not strict, standard loose, consumers are not very) recently, sponsored by the American Embassy in Chinese, centre of international cultural exchange of the American country concert brought together many celebrity in the trend, and one of the most compelling than those non art business people. Hongkong, Paris, around New York and other major urban modernization, music and fashion has become a racing together bridle to bridle a spiritual symbol of life a new era of consumer groups. Indeed, in the new era of market economy, the urban population for the consumption of goods are often more focused on mental enjoyment, but also triggered a new round of thinking for commodity marketing enterprises. is now in such a fierce market competition, the enterprise and how to from the marketing of an identical nature in the battle for talent shows itself, it will undoubtedly become the new aspect of enterprise marketing innovation. In this regard, the authorities after a round of market tracking on the spot after the inspection, were consistently found that m Cheap foamposites for sale usic played an important role in the enterprise brand marketing breakthrough homogenization marketing plays an irreplaceable, music marketing has become a major highlight of the current brand marketing. music marketing is one of the most dynamic language "music marketing is the most dynamic brand development language." The French marketing expert Bidelisi · says Crete. As the name implies, music marketing is the marketing of music as the carrier, is the enterprise brand and consumers to achieve the best communication language, is the most modern way to attract consumers attention. But in a sense, music marketing is still largely broke through the traditional visual contact, by sound reputation to subtle strengthen consumer brand of memory, and even some enterprises also brand culture directly penetrate into the music, or the music marketing is the best indicator as a shoe brand rooted in the forefront of the market. Needless to say, the key lies in the promotion of music marketing highlights between consumers and brands create a relaxed and natural interaction, and that consumers in the process left deep branding. But for the shoe industry, from two aspects of perspective, that shoe brand advertising music and background music into place terminal layout. implanted footwear brand advertisement music as everyone knows, the music is called the most common of all human beings are words, and advertising as a new media carrier. The fusion of the two for the enterprise brand marketing has Cheap air jordans for sale plays an irreplaceable role. Indeed, the "visual advertising + hearing music" can not only promote the deep interaction between brands and consumers from the higher level, but also can boost the brand marketing preliminary innovation difference of. But it is worth noting that the implantation of brand marketing advertising in the music must be consistent with the concept of the enterprise, regardless of the enterprise is television advertising mode or network video mode, on the one hand, the requirements are the same. Although the market was generally consistent using ready-made pop songs to implant, and by allowing consumers to listen, try other ways to preliminary) : originally thought that the main push Air Jordan V, but still launched Air, Jordan, III and IV some accidents, but the new idea of Jordan Brand should not be disappointing. There is no doubt that the eyes called "green luminous" Air Jordan IV will become one of the most interesting shoes in 2013, although the official has not yet exposed and spy photos related effects, but can be inferred from the single color Air Jordan IV should use the luminous design attractive. It is available for sale in fall 2013 at $160USD. Before the HF Blog has exposed Fenom new color jeans, now is to introduce the latest series of Sunderys, but this time the focus is put on the color, but also introduced many different models, there are 505, 207, 360, overalls, and this time denim also chooses 12oz lighter, in order to meet the heat in the summer. But a Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ll prices are the same, 26250yen really didn't want to start, you can to the Japanese Levis Eshop. download (86.66 KB)2009-4-27 Levi's Fenom download (68.07 KB)2009-4-27 Levi's Fenom download (37.29 KB)2009-4-27 Levi's Fenom download (75.89 KB)2009-4-27 Levi's Fenom download (79.8 KB)2009-4-27 Levi's Fenom download (36.09 KB)2009-4-27 Levi's Fenom download (39.54 KB)2009-4-27 Levi's Fenom download (35.5 KB)2009-4-27 Levi's Fenom British shoe Daren Kal Seth recently customized a pair of Nike Air Force high "black cab". It is reported a source of inspiration for the shoes in a taxi, a famous British retro, black bright skin is very fit taxi appearance and crowning touch is the tongue of the heel and the use of a yellow to match, the effect is real. source: nicekicks006.jpg (78.86 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-15 09:18 upload with Disney. Pixar cartoon masterpiece "Toy Story 3" global release, Adidas launched the "Toy Story 3" cartoon characters for the design of new image of the 2010 Winter Series for children. The autumn and winter of 2010's flagship series of shoes is Disney Vulkid Mid. According to the different preferences of children, including Jean Woody, to create a Buzz Lightyear, shepherd girl and toy soldier different versions. The buzz of children's clothing design emphasis on technology and space cowboy style; Woody with brown and orange color as the main color animation, design style is relatively leisure; and girls will shepherd girl cheap foamposites cute revealed. The whole design of the children's series is also very pay attention to the details, such as designer for the shepherd girl Plush Lamb badge specially designed children's clothing. 1.JPG (69.19 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-15 09:18 upload 2.JPG (67.73 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-15 09:18 upload 3.JPG (77.01 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-15 09:18 upload 4.jpg (80.65 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-7-15 09:18 upload0001.jpg (33.82 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-8 09:16 upload Saucony is one of the 〈br more="" individualistic="" brands="" out="" there="" the="" kicks="" that="" come="" out;="" of="" their="" company="" tend="" to="" have="" a="" very="" distinctive="" look,="" separate="" from="" many="" other="" mainstream="" today. ="" ="" latest="" collaboration;="" with="" solebox="" definitely="" shows="" off="" distinct="" look="" mainly="" brown="" jazz. ="" ="" with;="" large="" logo="" on="" back="" heel,="" some="" nice="" mesh="" sides="" as="" in="" most="" saucony="" shoes,="" and="" bright="" orange="" these="" are="" collaboration="" work. ="" only;="" pairs="" will="" be="" available="" this="" coming="" 180="" october="" 25th="" 2008="" store="" at="" and,="" online="" 0002.jpg (30.99 KB, download number: 0) down Cheap jordans online load attachments saved to the album 2008-10-8 09:16 upload 0003.jpg (31.88 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-8 09:16 upload 0004.jpg (59.94 KB, download number: 0) 〉Nike Sportswear to create a new city series shoes, the series not only contains more than the previous pair of running shoes, but also contains shoes such as Air, Footscape, Woven, Motion and other shoes. High quality black leather shoes, the heel of the dark tone color reflective material with fluorescent color decoration, in the end, the pink shoe pad printed with "Shanghai" and "CHINA", there is no doubt that this Nike Air Footscape Woven Motion for Shanghai to create special Chinese. About to go on sale. 0.jpg (59.7 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:20 2014-4-30 1.jpg (46.44 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album Upload 09:20 2014-4-30signs, with Jordan.html" target=" _blank" 〉 Jordan a variety of popular brand new neat shoes will be out, fans in 2010 will be more difficult to choose. When the retro shoes, too many to count beyond count, all kinds of articles every kind of color version of heavy bombing shoe city, what we can do is to either obediently my wallet, or is trying find a part-time second. Now, there are two best strength to join the Air Jordan 2010 series, compared with other battle shoes, no less than the same, not easily miss. The first "infrared version" (Infrared) Air Jordan VI, is really beautiful even the blind will be tempted, especially with the black version wantonly transformed into suede different, this pair of shoes and still insisted on sticking to the original white leather. The second is the new design of Spiz 'Ike, which is known as the "grape" color scheme, and needless to say, it has long been a favorite among diehard shoe aficionados. For the time being, I don't know the exact date of the new product, so please follow the wonderful report of the NBA war king. Source: Battle shoes Wang re Engraved White infrared & Air, Jordan, Spiz, Ike, grape, " src="" width=" 570"; border=" 0" /〉 Air Jordan classic engraved engraved version of Jordan new world comments on A: Air Jordan classic engraved a new copy of this Jordan , a luxury footwear brand from Italy, Giuseppe, Zanotti, often works with a variety of influential stars in addition to its luxurious design and positioning. And in the early days with , G-Dragon to create shoes after cooperation, recently brought its brand with singer Zayn Malik's latest joint series. The entire series in the design in green, black and brown as tone, and by the high quality leather and suede GZ classic materials and zipper details appear, and special "Giuseppe for Zayn" label highlights the special status of this series. It is reported that this series of cooperation will be in the global designated stores on the shelves this month, like friends may wish to pass moreWhen a week before Christmas, NBA shoes war King exclusive exposure two to celebrate Valentine's day in 2010 and in particular to create Nike Dynasty high help, and now there is a specially designed for women tailored Nike Dunk high surfaced, and is also a Valentine's Day gift masterpiece, immediately take you to see. The uppers of this pair of shoes are made of red canvas, dotted with little white motifs and marked with white hooks, white laces and white soles. So simple, traditional Valentine's Day design, coupled with Nike, Dunk, high high help style, I wonder how many people can resist the customs of this world. This new product will be listed in the 2010 Valentine's day, in the specified NIKE store grand sale, love friends keep NBA war xiewang follow-up reports, as listed on the latest news and the exact date of the first time for you, wonderful show. Source: Battle shoes Wang Valentine's day; don't pay attention to the female Nike Dunk; the raging bull Air Jordan Flight 45 comments on : Valentine's day, don't pay attention to Nike Dunk next: angry bull, Air, Jordan, Flight, 45 Nike the main Nike Air VaporMax and Air Max Flyknit 1 two type of shoes will be limited landing NIKEiD platform, which comprises a vamp and a sole part, can choose according to their own rich color collocation, but also special pattern design choices for you Air Max fans to express ideas, and pricing were $250 and $$220. In addition, Nike will also be in New York (March 20th), Losangeles, Chicago and Toronto (March 25th four) opened the Sneakeasy Pop-Up during the limited shops, and create a special device around the "Kiss My Airs" art theme, absolutely not to be missed! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! order 〉in the recent AIR JORDAN 1 DMP 60+ package released soon, and a AIR JORDAN VII 60+ DMP package will be August 22 the remember in January 16, 1993, flying Jordan with Orlando in the magic game, create a personal single game scored 64 brilliant Ji . Listing date: 08/22/2009 Color: Multicolor/Multicolor type: 371496-991 Z% b- W6 {$* before @'U0 {* A to introduce a Packer Shoes x Reebok Kamikaze II" Remember the Alamo" a new version, to commemorate Camp hosted the all star game in 1996 Sanantonio Alamodome Reebok foot Kamikaze II shoes, using powder, orange and green time the Spurs old team logo color, but the color is too low. This new addition to the joint with the same design details, and the color is more bright red and orange collocation suede leather and laces, green particles, logo lining and sole ornament, with tongue and heel Reebok Logo is integrated into the pepper pattern, let the "pepper" it is worthy of the name. The new product is expected to be available at Packer Shoes on December 13th, so please enjoy your attention. E (W (P- o z- m ^2 (D'{/, k% s: C4 X/ F7 K3 s; F